Chrismas message from Pope Francis

The Christmas message from Pope Francis was filled with rhetoric and masked genteelly the proselytizing agenda of the Church. The Pope has invited non-believers to come to the fold of Christianity exhibiting his aggressive style masked in his mild manners. Invoking a biblical quote from Luke which assures peace only among those whom the Christian God favors, the Pope set the tone of his Christmas speech.

Christmas directs, according to the Pope, Christians to bring every one to Christ. The Pope wants Christians to resolve to give their lives towards this goal (of evangelizing). The Pope defined peace in his speech as a daily commitment starting from Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis, unveiled a baby Jesus statue promoting another idol of worship for Christians around the world. He called missionaries to focus on vulnerable children, especially victims of war without loosing focus on elderly and the sick. He focused on women and stressed on battered woman setting the agenda for Christians to destabilize Islamic and Hindu societies. His message confirmed the continuation of Church strategy to push legal changes to intervene in Muslim and Hindu families around the world.

Pope Francis prayed for peace in Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Israeli – Palestinian conflict and Iraq. He also prayed for displaced and refugees of Africa and eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specifically mentioning killings of Lampedusa. The prayer calls were focusing on Islamic countries and tragedies involving mainly Muslims indicating the intensity of focus of the Church on Muslims in the near future.

Overall, Pope Francis has insisted, as the head of the Catholic Church, his focus on the goal to bring the entire world under Christianity. He has done it strictly within the framework of Christian theology and world view. The western media, as usual, has projected his speech passively and positively providing false hopes to the public. The media of the Islamic and Hindu world, continue to neglect the message overlooking its overtones.



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