What should be the focus of Modi-2 Government

Narendra Modi had led BJP to the victory in 2019 elections and would continue to govern India till 2024.  What should be the focus of Modi-2 government.  Here is a list of things that should be on the agenda of the government.

  1. Ram Temple – Ram Temple is on the agenda of BJP for a long time and it is important that the present government to take concrete steps to remove impediments to Ram temple and initiate temple construction
  2. Kashmir – Kashmir is sending wrong signals to the world and painting Indian Muslims in the bad light.  Kashmiri people continue to suffer with the status quo and their suffering is bound to increase unless Kashmiri mulsims are integrated to India.  BJP government should initiate legal, executive and judiciary processes to end the dilemma of Kashmiris
  3. Education Policy – Indian Education is misdirected by the British and the post independence, successive governments have not able to bring the Indian education on track.  Economic progress and GDP growth may be achieved by the existing  system but colonial effects can not be undone on the next generations.  Accommodating alternate knowledge streams in the education system would be a good starting point towards this direction
  4. Samskrita – Making Samskrita available to the next generation should be achieved by the present government in the next five years.  Samskrita is being pursued in different ways by multiple groups.  Western academics are attempting to gain upperhand in Sanskrit studies.  Primacy for Samskrita of native and traditional scholars is to be ensured by the present government.
  5. Cows – Sustaining indigenous breeds of cows and supporting cow based economy is to be worked out by the present government
  6. Demography – Population balance is a key for secured environment at present and insurance for future.  Instead of forcing communities to live in heterogeneous localities, quality and comfort of communities are to be given priority by the present government
  7. Social Consolidation – Consensus in Indian society is being destroyed through conscious efforts and planned resource deployment. The present government should take it as its responsibility to initiate steps to support social consolidation.
  8. Cost of living and corruption – India is inherently corrupt free and quality life with lower costs is possible in India.  The present government should internalize the developmental approach that does not destroy these two aspects of India.



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