Guidelines to counter OJBH

Al-Queda has announced a new organization OJBH (Organization of Jihadi Bases in Hindustan) to launch terrorist attacks in India.  In this context,  the following guidelines are provided  for Indians to counter OJBH.

Say no to intolerance:

  • Intolerance is the root cause of terrorism. Intolerance takes many forms.  Insisting that God has only one name, and only one form.  Considering other forms of worship, idol worship, worshipping multiple gods, worshipping trees, animals, rivers and mountains as wrong and objectionable are all manifestation of intolerance.  Insisting that converting others as religious duty or freedom is also a form of intolerance.  Acts of violence, abetting illegal actions based on community support are also included in intolerant acts.  For example, use of horn loudspeakers in Mosques and other religious places is an act of intolerance.  Similarly, using NGO network to provide inducements to achieve conversions also is an intolerant act.  
  • Adopt a good conceptual frame work to identify different forms of intolerance. An understanding of universal values is required


Express in your views:

  • Expressing views about intolerant acts.   If someone is engaged in an act of intolerance, let the person know that you are not approving his/her actions.  While opposing intolerance, ensure that your opposition is well within the legal limits.  Do not provide an opportunity to the intolerant people to misinterpret your views.  If the actions of the intolerant are illegal, bring them to the notice of the authorities. 
  • Indian Muslims should be proactive and start expressing their views on Jihad, Shariat, and other controversial aspects of Islam.  They could actively initiate discussion with their non-Mulsim friends and clarify their positions on various issues. 
  • Indians should enhance their communications with other fellow Indians and reaffirm their stance not to encourage intolerant actions, their resolve to promote social harmony and defeat the designs of terrorist outfits across the globe.  Organizations should release press statements, individuals should employ social media to express their view points on these issues.


Provide Guidelines to population:

  • Issue Fatwas: Imams  and Islamic scholars of India issue fatwa to all Indian Muslims directing them to fight Jihad perpetrated by ISIS, Al-Queda, and Pakistan based organizations. 
  • Hindu Gurus should educate their disciples to the dangers of intolerance.  The meaning of Dharma, importance of Dharma in everday life has to be taught to the people. And Gurus should tell how Jihad of ISIS, Al-Queda is against Dharma and the need for proactiveness of their disciples in this regard.
  • Christians communications should align against the intolerant actions and attitudes.
  • Political parties should express their opposition to the intolerant acts of any individual or the group as a policy and respond consistently and constructively to maintain social harmony.
  • The Government should publish guidelines to public to deal with various scenarios involving intolerant acts, and monitor the developments, attitudes, and actions disturbing the social harmony.


 Action items:

  • Individuals:  Express your opinions and Report any observed intolerant activities to authorities
  • Organizations:  Release statements and demand appropriate responses from government and others
  • Government:  Improve social institutions and processes.    In each case of observed case of intolerance, the active players who are creating problems are to be identified and suitable corrections have to be initiated.



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