Where is Siddhantic watch?

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, new Caliph of Islamic State wears modest $560 “Islamic watch” from Al-Fajr, a Saudi Arabia-based watchmaker. This was revealed during Friday sermon calling on believers to wage “jihad” against God’s enemies in a rare appearance.

The deluxe stainless steel WA-10Swatch – the preferred choice of “true Muslims, can be programmed with the correct prayer times for hundreds of cities around the world. The watch can be set to ring before each “azan,” or call to prayer, wherever the wearer happens to be. Five prayer times of the day are based on the movement of the sun, so they can vary in different places within the same city. In addition to the prayer alarms, the Swiss-made watch has a built-in compass to indicate the direction of Mecca, Islam’s holiest site, so believers will know what direction to pray. The bilingual watch displays in English and Arabic and allows you to choose either the Gregorian or Hijra calendar, which is “based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca

The watch maker has 30 branches, 11 in Arab countries and many in EU countries. Non of them in Iraq.  Here is a complete list of features of the watch.

Hindus were the first civilization who have mastered the time keeping.  Hindu Panchanga includes advanced calculations and matured calendars. Hindus are following the calendars based on Suryasiddhanta even today.  But, why no one has created a watch similar to the above one for Hindus?  India has emerged as one of the software talent in the world? What are the Indian engineers doing? Are they incapable of creating such a watch?



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