Flood Relief

In 2009, the entire North Karnataka was in the grip of one of the worst natural disasters the State had witnessed in a long time. Floods triggered by heavy rains had resulted in great loss of lives, crops, property and had left tens of thousands of people homeless. Relief authorities worked round the clock to restore normalcy in the affected regions. The State had also suffered huge losses with the washing away of roads, bridges, railway tracks and other public properties.

Education Informal(EI) actively participated in the facilitation of relief activities in the flood hit regions of Karnataka by collecting funds, new clothes and medicines. We thank all the contributors for extending their invaluable help to the people affected in this natural calamity.

Funds collected : Rs 1,06,787
Clothes collected : Worth approx. Rs 2.5 Lakh
Medicines collected : Worth approx. Rs 2500

  EI Flood Report