About Us

Adithya, Kiran, Udaya, Sathya (L-R)

Education Informal is a registered Trust aimed at public education through informal ways. School children are our special focus. But we go beyond the formal education framework. Specialized groups of volunteers are addressing various issues of public concern through different programs.

EI Programs

EI School Visits

Interaction with school children to energize them. They will be encouraged to explore and develop scientific temperament. They learn newer aspects related to their curriculum. Learn to interact with the external world. So far, more than 12 schools have been benefitted and more than 2000 students have been touched.


This programme provides essential educative news towards social good. In this endeavor, relevant media sources are syndicated and suitable distributive channels are augmented.


A fast response group to respond to emergency situations. Immediately after the natural disasters, accidents and other emergency situations this programme formulates response strategy and takes up its implementation. Efficient deployment of resources in long term rehabilitation will be addressed by this team.

EI-Public Affairs

Helps in opinion formulation on issues of current affairs from public perspective. Influences policy, advices on its implementation and strives to provide feedback.